The S.S. Ezzie

The S.S. Ezzie

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Love mugs but need a bigger vessel?

Want to serenade a sweet ceramic sea lion? 

Need a planter and a mug?

Ladies and germs, here she is......this cutie is around 11" by 5" by 4" (6' ish with sea lion). The size is based on the sculpt so she will shrink a bit.

I'll get back to you on the ounces and I will update it here<>

Small reservoir on the top of her snout.

Large but relatively streamlined.

Series of 300

When will they ship? Who knows? Just kidding.. sort of, looks like Fall 2023. We will do our best! Please help me pack!

one per household pretty, pretty please.


Please don't pay the full amount, thank you- I will fix any errors so don't hesitate to email! We are trying to make collecting accessible and fun for everyone. So be free to order in your own time...


*All images shown are the original hand sculpt models. Final finish will be in the classic Tiki Diablo glazing style, mostly matte glaze with hand painted details*

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You will receive a tracking 3 days prior to shipment, for any address adjustments

Thank you!

 Hand Made Signature Series. Made in Los Angeles, by us. Flipping is discouraged, but we are not the boss of you, cheers!


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